Tropic Marin TropicMarin Bio-Actif Salt

The unique sea salt with bio-active marine agents.

Tropic Marin® BIO-ACTIF Sea Salt contains naturally occurring marine biopolymers, which support the microbiological conditions in an aquarium and thus protect and enhance the growth of aquarium fauna.

To this end, corals will exhibit their bright and vibrant colors in a natural way, while skeletal growth and/or the growth of stronger tissues are promoted. The reserves built up in this manner ensure that corals are more robust and less sensitive than otherwise. Fish also benefit from the bio-active substances by the formation of effective protection against damage to mucous membranes. Fish will exhibit their heightened sense of well-being by increased mating and reproduction activity.

Tropic Marin® BIO-ACTIF Sea Salt can be used by first-time and seasoned aquarium owners alike and ensures stable conditions for aquarium life.


  • Contains natural bio-active marine substances with a protective and growth-promoting effect.
  • Develops a sound microbiological balance which stabilizes the water quality and supports the nutrient intake of invertebrates.
  • For reef tanks with carbon dosing and to create an ultra-low nutrient system.
  • To maintain the alkalinity in a 8-9 °dH range.
  • Made with pharmaceutically pure salts, which has the most stringent quality control measures for the production of pharmaceuticals.
  • All main and trace elements as well as bio-active substances native to tropical sea-water contained in a natural formula.
  • High solubility in water.
  • Produced with pharmaceutically pure salts, without any nitrate or phosphate additives or other unnatural enrichments.
  • The ideal foundation for the care of even the most delicate fish and corals.