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The Reef Calcium Liquid Supplement 500ml

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Calcium is an essential element in the formation of coral skeletons and coralline algae. TheReef® Calcium liquid supplement contains pure ionic calcium salts that can be readily taken up by corals and other marine organisms. Guidance: First measure calcium levels in your aquarium with an accurate test kit to determine how much of TheReef® Calcium supplement you should add. Natural Sea Water values for calcium are around 410-450ppm while 15ml (1 capful) of supplement per 100 litres of aquarium water will raise calcium levels by around 15ppm. Shake bottle before use then add required quantity of supplement to an area of aquarium or sump with high flow. Do not raise levels by more than 25ppm a day. Do not mix with or use within 1 hour of alkalinity, boron or other carbonate type additives and supplements. Store above 10°C.