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D-D Peri Pump PP32ml

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D-D Peri Pump PP32ml

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Peristaltic pumps can be a simple and controllable way of metering water within the aquarium and we have developed the three models in the range based on reliability and function rather than to the lowest price. The pumps will meter a continuous flow of liquid day in day out and are not prone to variations in output and pressure like a standard impellor driven pump. This makes them ideal for feeding calcium reactors, nitrate reactors and for metering chemicals or trace elements. Features The three pumps in the range are all non variable. The reason for this is that variable pumps from almost any manufacturer will have a lifespan of approximately 6-12 months if used continuously, due to wearing of the carbon brushes on the DC motor which have a finite life and can not be replaced. All D-D pumps use Santoprene tubes for their longevity compared to cheaper silicone tubes which can split during extended operation. All pumps use 3 or 4 rollers which will ensure that the tube is always nipped in at least one point. Other lower cost pumps with 2 bearings can easily back siphon if the pump is stopped.* Specifications Model Number - PP32ML (PP6ML) Fixed Speed Peristaltic Pump. Flow Rate - approx 32.5ml/min / 2000mls/hr / nominal 4 drops/sec. Tube Material - Santoprene. Tube bore - 5.0mm ID. Number of Rollers - 4. Voltage - 230V and 110V models available. Use - Designed for feeding water to Calcium Reactors and Nitrate Reactors. Can be used to add trace elements or other aquarium solutions.