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Deltec MCE300 External Hang on Skimmer

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Deltec MCE300 External Hang on Skimmer

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Deltec MCE300 External Hang on Skimmer

Up to now, if you had a tank of 50-70 gallons but still want the true performance of a Deltec 'hang-on' skimmer, you would be forced to buy the MCE600 which, depending on the type of system and stocking level, is rated for tanks of 100 to 150 gallons.

A large selection of the hobby have aquariums within the 50 - 70 gallon range and require an appropriate skimmer for their volume of water as smaller skimmers are quieter and easier to fit.

The MCE300 is definately compact but still produces the same level of performance that you would expect from any Deltec skimmer. The venturi and pinwheel together draw in approximately 130 ltrs of air per hour which makes it suitable, according to Deltec skimming standards, for an aquarium between 50 and 75 gallons.

It uses a modified Maxijet pump with new pin needle impellor, and draws 130 Ltrs of air into the venturi.

The foam goes around the outside of the cup, and is collected in the center, the whole cup is removed for cleaning.

Simple to prime, set up and use.

Suitable for:

  • High stocking: 225 ltrs (50 gallons)
  • Normal stocking: 320 ltrs (70 gallons)

Dimensions (mm):

  • Length: 173
  • Width: 210
  • Height: 440