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Deltec MCE500 Sump/Internal Skimmer

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Deltec MCE500 Sump/Internal Skimmer

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Deltec MC500 Internal/Sump Skimmer

The Deltec MC500 Internal Skimmer is the ideal solution whether you want to keep it inside the aquarium or as a compact sump skimmer in a cabinet. A real investment, this skimmer will grow with your aquarium and should you change to a larger tank, the MC500 will be more than adequate - as it is suitable for tanks of up to 500 litres.

The MC500 is now fitted with a full size pinwheel and generates 350-400 litres of air at the pump like the TS1250.

It fits neatly inside the aquarium against either the back or side and can be fitted using the bracket supplied, (either clear front face or black back face forwards). Just make sure the water doesn't exceed the level stated for continuous operation.

The skimmer can be used externally in a sump as long as the water depth is greater than 125mm and does not exceed the max level shown on the body. An adjustable weir plate is provided which raises the water level to the correct height for any depth of water.

The MC500 will not fit easily on the new Vision 450. Deltec therefore recommend the MCE600 skimmer with the return flowing into the corner filter box.

Technical Data:

  • Can be used either in a sump or inside an Aquarium.
  • Minimum water level when used within a sump is 125mm.
  • The skimmer does not require any form of additional feed pump.
  • 350-400 litres of air are produced at the venturi.


  • L 210 W 90 H 530 (allowing for removal of the cup).
  • The minimum sump water level is 125mm.
  • The body of the unit sits 80mm out of the water plus the height of the collection cup.


  • Normal Stocking 650 lts (140 UK gallons)
  • Heavy Stocking 450 lts (100 UK gallons)