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Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium

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Evolution Aqua Pure aquarium

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Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium

New - Pure Aquarium. A simple way to maintain crystal clear and healthy aquarium water.
Pure Aquarium is a bacterial treatment for all freshwater tropical aquariums, of all sizes and helps to maintain a healthy aquarium environment.
Inside every ball there are millions of live bacteria and enzymes. Once added to your aquarium, the bacteria and enzymes inside each ball will start to break down the ammonia and nitrite in your aquarium's water.
Pure Aquarium also breaks down organic waste, which is often the cause of poor water clarity, leaving your water crystal clear and healthy.
Regular use will ensure that your fish live in a safe, healthy, clear environment.

To maintain crystal clear healthy water add 1 or 2 balls per 25 litres of water once a week by adding directly to the aquarium or in the aquarium filter.
You cannot overdose, and Pure Aquarium can also be used when starting up a new tank to help mature the filter.
Approx 50 balls per tub.