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The Reef Iodine Liquid Supplement 500ml

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Iodine helps maintain coral health and colouration, by helping to prevent coral bleaching and is utilised by coral pigments. However, iodine levels can drop rapidly due to a combination of utilisation by marine organisms and chemical or physical depletion. TheReef® Iodine is made from a blend of chemically pure salts of iodate and iodide ions - the forms of iodine most readily taken up by marine organisms. Guidance: As a general maintenance dose for reef aquaria we suggest adding 1ml of supplement per 100 litres of aquarium water daily. Do not mix with or use within 1 hour of alkalinity, boron or other carbonate type additives and supplements. If seeking to raise iodine to a specific level then you can increase dosing to a maximum of 7.5ml per 100 litres a day, testing regularly. Note: It is normal for iodine levels to fall rapidly in aquaria, which is why we recommend daily dosing. The degree to which iodine levels fall will vary from system to system so you should adjust suggested dosing levels accordingly, taking due account of any coral reactions. Store above 10°C.