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For the determination of the nitrite and nitrate concentration in freshwater and seawater. Nitrite (NO2-) is the intermediate stage of the aerobic nitrification and is highly toxic for fish and invertebrates. A too high concentration of nitrite - for example, caused by new filter material - impedes the oxygen transport in the blood and severely restricts cellular respiration. With this test, the nitrite content can be accurately determined from 0.01 to 2 mg/l with the finely tuned color chart. Nitrate (NO3-) is the final stage of the aerobic nitrification and impairs the well being of fish and invertebrates to a lesser degree. But high nitrate concentrations can accelerate algae growth and impede the growth of certain corrals. Oxygen shortage in the aquarium may cause the reduction of nitrate to poisonous nitrite. With this test, the nitrate concentration can be measured from 1 to 100 mg/l with the finely tuned color chart. The reagents of this combined test are sufficient for a total of approx. 40 tests.