Alteco Epo Putty Epoxy Putty

 the LFS with the perfect frag or coral, knowing exactly where you want it in your tank and then spent the rest of the day desperately trying to make it stick there.Turn your back for 5 minutes and it falls back to the sand bed, or you think it is stuck fast but the hermits or other CUC are determined to ruin your day and persist in trying to knock the coral off!

If that has ever happended to you and you have found it as infuriating as we have, rest assured those days are gone.
Here are just some of the reasons why your next purchase should be Epo Putty.
1) Epo Putty is softer than competitive products, it mixes far easier by hand than other Epoxy Putties.
2) Epo Putty doesnt remove oxygen from the water column in order to cure underwater.
3) Epo Putty doesnt cloud the tank water.
4) Epo Putty doesn’t set your skimmer off running overtime.
5) Epo Putty cures underwater and in salt water.
6) Epo Putty is more workable than other Epoxy Putty products.
7) Epo Putty is very very strong.
8) Epo Putty sticks fast, it sticks first time and it sticks like…well you know.

Comes in 100g or 500g packets