AquaForest Aquaforest Ricco Food

Aquaforest Ricco Food is an exclusive food supplement created by nutritional experts at Aquaforest, and has been dedicated for Ricordea coral needs and developmental requirements. 

For direct feeding; one spoonful of the powdery food supplement should be added to 20ml of aquarium water, inside a small container. The solution should be mixed thoroughly for 1 minute until the Ricco food is combined . Selected Ricordea coral can then be directly fed with a pipette, dropping the solution onto the coral. Alternatively Aquaforest Ricco Food can be added to the entire tank water. The selected dose of Aquaforest Ricco Food for full tank water application, should be 1 spoonful for 100 litres of water. 

For the best results, Aquaforest recommend to dose supplement at nighttime, or during periods when the lights are switched off.

At a Glance:

Exclusive food supplement for Ricordea corals

Targets direct requirements for successful coral growth and development

Add 1 spoonful to 20ml  of tank water for pipette administration

Mix the solution well for one minute before using

Add 1 spoonful to 100 litres of water for full tank