ATI ATI Essentials Iodine

Iodine is one of the most important elements in a saltwater aquarium, it is essential for the thyroid function of fish and is enriched by many other organisms in the tissues

This includes, among others, corals, sponges, shells and algae

The function of Iodine in each organism is not yet adequately investigated, however, a higher consumption of Iodine shows in brightly lit aquariums, Iodine is also suspected in the intensify blue coloring of corals of the genus acropora

Iodine is consumed in the aquarium relatively quickly, therefore Iodine concentration should be regularly reviewed in the laboratory, the targeted compensation is best with high purity Iodine supplements

1 ml of the supplement increases the iodine concentration of 100 litres to 100 µg/l

Free of EDTA or other chelating agents