ATM ATM Agent Green Phosphate Reagent

Like all other products in our stable, Agent Green phosphate remover is formulated for maximum performance and efficiency.

Phosphate removal is a game of speed. To enjoy a true zero phosphate environment, one must remove phosphate faster than it can accumulate. Where other phosphate removers fail in this endeavor is their lack of speed of removal. Speed is what it takes to remove phosphate from the water column as well as absorbed phosphate. Only Agent Green has the speed to remove phosphate faster than it can accumulate.

Agent Green initiates an ion exchange , highly selective toward calcium to bind phosphate into insoluble beads. These “beads” are soluble inert substances that are harmless to aquatic wildlife. When introduced into a high flow area of the system, Agent Green will create a smokey effect in the water instantly. The denser the smoke, the more removal that is taking place. This smokiness is the evidence that phosphate is being precipitated out of the system.


Removes Phosphates Instantly