ATM ATM Barrier Standard Dechlorinator

ATM’s Barrier brings you this solid, safe sodium thiosulfate formula that instantly neutralizes chlorine and chloramine as well as heavy metals. Barrier also contains aloe vera, which replaces slime coat on fish to reduce stress and aids in attachment of ATM Colony nitrifying bacteria.

Formaldehyde-based conditioners that have recently appeared in the industry are distinguished by their ability to neutralize ammonia and nitrite in addition to chlorine and chloramine. The problem with these formulas is that they inhibit the growth of bacteria in the biofilter by chemically altering ammonia and nitrite, and in large doses, depleting oxygen levels. Used by ATM!

- Neutralizes Chlorine, Chloramines And Heavy Metals
- Non-Formaldehyde Formula
- Replaces Slime Coat Reducing Stress