ATM ATM Triage First Response

ATM Triage First Response leaps into action to address the emergency removal of Ammonia toxicity in situations such as bio-filtration stalls or failures, power outages or any other instance which results in accumulation of unwanted toxic nitrogenous compounds.

Because Ammonia is typically the compound that accumulates in bio-filtration failure, ATM Triage First Response works with a priority toward ammonia first. As ammonia disappears, ATM Triage First Response kicks into it's secondary function by helping limit the toxic effects of nitrite.

While ATM Triage First Response works toward detoxifying the environment, it also reduces stress through mucoprotein slime coat support.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates chlorine and chloramine
  • Removes toxic ammonia
  • Helps detoxify Nitrite and Nitrate
  • Mucoprotein Slime Coat Support
  • Contains no Oxygen depleting chemicals, non-toxic
Directions: Add 5ml per 38 liters to effectively remove chlorine and chloramines and 1ppm of Ammonia. Repeat dosage to remove more than 1ppm of Ammonia. Allow at least 2 hours between dosages.