Bubble Magus Bubble Magus Calcium Reactor CR150WP


  • Capacity :400L-800L  aquarium 
  • Size: 200*282*495MM
  • Internal volume : 3.5L
  • Power : 220V/110V ,40W
  • Pump : WP2000 
  •  Model:  CR150 WP
  • Not include Calcium Media



BUBBLE-MAGUS calcium reactor and carbon dioxide supply unit with the operation of carbon dioxide into the reactor, the resulting water-soluble carbonate H2CO3, carbonic acid and calcium stone reactor CaCO3 reaction of calcium bicarbonateCa (HCO3) 2 into the tank , so that the water tank heavy calcium carbonate content increased. Due to heavy calcium carbonate soluble in water, marine organisms can be fully absorbed and converted to their bones again an important part of the bodycomposition of calcium carbonate.