CaribSea CaribSea Ocean Direct Live Sand

CaribSea's collection of live sands is designed to not only look great, but also support natural filtration and cycling processes for a healthy aquarium. The Natural Live Sand is a real Caribbean Sand that helps you to create a beautiful aquatic scene with no fuss.

It can be used in both marine and reef aquariums to promote healthy balance and growth. Each bag is preserved with Sea Breathe technology to preserve the live bacteria within.

Every grain of sand is coated with bacteria and then coated with real ocean water. This means that when you receive the substrate it is ready to use.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports healthy cycling process to avoid new tank syndrome
  • Replicates natural marine conditions for best results
  • Packed in natural ocean water
  • Long lasting performance
  • Available in 2 size bags: 20lb and 40lb