D-D The Aquarium Solution Deltec PF1001 Fluidised Calcium Reactor

The PF1001 is the largest of the standard models in the Deltec range of fluidised calcium reactors. Suitable for aquariums up to 5000+ lts - 1100+ imp. gallons - 1300 US gallons with normal stocking and illumination. Larger reactors are available for commercial systems. Standard features This 4th generation reactor is now fitted with sponges at the top and bottom of the reaction chamber to prevent the posibility of the fluidised media from entering the pump. The whole lid assembly now removes via a bayonet fitting to allow easy access to the media for filling or cleaning of the reactor.

Technical Data Deltec PF1001 - Item No. 87260 New 4th Generation Fluidised Calcium Reactor Integral CO2 bubble counter Probe holder Non return valve Optional solenoid valve available with 2mtrs of cable Media volume 34kg Suitable for Aquariums: Heavy Stocking and High Illumination - 5000 lts - 1100 imp. gallons - 1300 US gallons* Normal Stocking and Illumination - 5000+ lts - 1100+ imp. gallons - 1300+ US gallons* Footprint Dimensions: L: 350mm W: 220mm H: 1150mm L: 14 W: 8 3/4 H: 45 1/2 * For fluidized calcium reactors to achieve the stated capacities, Rowalith C+ media is recommended. As we do not have the storage space to keep all the Calcium reactors in store please allow 7-10 days for delivery of this item. Sorry for any inconvenience.