Burscough Aquatics Development D-D Polyp Lab Reef Glue

PolypLab Premium Pro Glue is no ordinary superglue.

Pro glue is an ultra thick super glue gel that has a working time of up to 8 hours out of water. Once exposed to water the glue will bond within 5-15 seconds. This extended working time makes pro glue the ideal solution to extended fragging sessions.

It is a high strength non toxic glue that can also be used for smaller aquascaping projects, attaching plants in freshwater aquariums and even attaching coral colonies.

The specially designed positive pressure packaging helps to stop water entering the tube when submerged allowing you to work underwater without the issue of the tube getting contaminated and the glue going to waste.

Each pack of Pro Glue is split in to multiple 4 gram tubes. This allows you to only open what you need and waste less.


28g Pack contains 7 x 4g tubes


  • 8-hour working time when exposed to air
  • Perfect for long fragging sessions
  • Reacts and bonds in water within 5-15 seconds
  • Made for use with freshwater or saltwater
  • Initial use childproof protection ring
  • Positive pressure tubes gives the ability to glue underwater without any back siphoning/compromising the product
  • Ultra thick gel that you can literally "make ice cream cones with"
  • Every tube comes with its own applicator nozzle