Deltec Deltec PF601 Fluidised Calcium Reactor

New Fluidized Calcium Reactors - 4rd Generation with integral CO2 bubble counter, non return valve, probe holder an non return valve. The Reactors are now fitted with sponges top and bottom of the reaction chamber to prevent the posibility of the fluidised media from entering the pump. The whole lid assembly now removes via a bayonet fitting to allow easy access to the media for filling or cleaning of the reactor.  For Aquariums up to: Heavy Stocking and High Illumination 1350 Ltrs (300gals)
Normal Stocking and Normal Illumination 2000 Ltrs (444 gals) Footprint Dimensions: L: 240mm W: 180mm H: 610mm
Tips on use of a Deltec Calcium Reactor 1. Always keep the unit topped up to the fill line rather than letting the media fully disolve and then replacing a large amount at one time. The only real difference between one model and the next one up is the volume of media that it holds so if you run you reactor at half full you may as well have bought the next reactor down. 2. The Deltec reactor is fitted with a port for a pH probe however we do not believe that you must invest in such additional equipment to run the reactor. We prefer that the drip rate and bubble rates are set by measuring the dKH of the effluent from the reactor. This should be set at about 45-50 dKH which corresponds to 800 - 900 ppm of calcium. It is a simple matter therefore to set this up and then to adjust the length of time during the day that the reactor is operated until the correct calcium level is maintained in the aquarium. 3. Always try to run the reactor during the lighting period of the aquarium so that the natural increase of the pH in the tank due to photosynthesis counteracts the lowering effect of the CO2 addition. 4. Never overfluidise the media or it will flush all of the fine particals into your sump. The fluid above the media should be clear not cloudy.