Fauna Marin Fauna Marin Balling Salts Calcium Mix

Pure special salts from Fauna Marin

Our salts follow pharmaceutical purity standards and are packaged accordingly. When prepping our salts, we go the extra mile and not only look at the data sheet, but also take great care to control organic and inorganic trace elements that are added. These standards allow us to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of our products. With Fauna Marin Balling-Light salts, you get the purist form of special salts which are specially made for marine aquatics. In addition, we use bio-active stabilizers, pH buffers, and special minerals which significantly increase the stability of your aquariums parameters.

With the addition of trace elements, the solution remains stable and are easily consumed by the corals. Through the use of our salt mixtures, you specifically add minerals and trace elements that most sea salts do not have or are available in limited amounts. The addition of bioactive components with the purity of our salts prevent your coral from becoming blackened. As a result, growth and color formation is improved through the use of Fauna Marin balling salts.

Fauna Marin provides a complete product line which simplifies Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium dosing. When combined with Fauna Marin Trace B Elements, your corals are provided with elements that aid in color enhancement, growth, and polyp extension. Extremely effective salts with the lowest water content Improves the stability of important parameters Adapted to modern sea salts Provides more stable pH Provides bioactive substances for better coral color and growth The Fauna Marin Balling Light System is a complete self-contained system which can be used in conjunction with all standard filtration systems. Berlin systems, natural filtration systems, and nutrient management systems such as Zeolite systems are also safe with Balling Light Method.

Add the necessary amount of calcium mix in a well-flowed area in the technical tank. We recommend a calcium value of 380 - 420 mg / liter. Start by adding magnesium, then calcium and carbonate. Between doses should be about 10 minutes distance.

Dosage :

The correct dosing quantities are calculated with the Aquacalculator: At www.aquacalculator.com you will find a suitable Balling-Light online calculator for calculating the correct dosing quantities. This online tool is the only one where the original Balling Light recipe is stored. Other calculators calculate the balling light method based on the classical recipe and thus wrong. If you have the desire or need for an additional dosage of elements (color games), use our Color Element series. With these additional elements, you can significantly enhance the colors of your corals and stimulate growth. The more regularly the addition takes place - the more stable are the values ??in your aquarium. For the addition of the solutions, we therefore recommend the GHL dosing computer, which is ideal for this method.