giesemann Giesemann PowerChrome T5 AquaBlue Coral 39W

The POWERCHROME T-5 aquablue-coral offer a basic illumination of the aquarium and perfectly combines with POWERCHROME actinic-blue or other POWERCHROME light colours to create absolutely stunning colour effects.

Many scientific research institutes and public aquariums rely on GIESEMANN lamps.

This provides overwhelming evidence for the outstanding quality of our products.

POWERCHROME T-5 aquablue-coral are available in all power levels ranging from 24 39 54 to 80 Watts.

Mimics with its spectral constitution the natural light conditions underwater. Excellent colour stability by using premium-grade fluorescent substances.

Highlights the colours of fish and corals. Nature like light spectrum of about 1500 K. Supports coral proliferation by strengthening the blue-toned spectral range preferred by zooxanthellae. Absolutely brilliant natural and well-balanced colours.