giesemann Giesemann PowerChrome T5 Super Purple 39W

POWERCHROME T-5 super-purple is a high-performance T5-lamp with a very stable spectrum for illuminating reef aquariums.

It provides stunning colour effects and in combination with our other T-5 versions or our MEGACHROME HQI bulbs supports abundant coral growth.

POWERCHROME T-5 super-purple possesses a white-violet spectrum and serve as perfect supplement to our POWERCHROME basic colours (POWERCHROME T-5 aquablue-coral and aquablue-azure).

POWERCHROME T-5 super-purple is just like the entire POWERCHROME T-5 program available in the standard versions of 24 39 54 and 80 Watts.

Increase the violet and red colour facets of corals and fish. Very high colour stability through premium-grade fluorescent substances White/red/violet colour spectrum