Korallen Zucht Korallen Zucht Coral Snow

KZ Coral Snow is a liquid secondary biological facilitator for elements, for example BB & PIF. It can be dosed with every element without causing a problem, also with AAHC or CV for example. It contains a natural kind of Calcium, Magnesium & Carbonate. It has a particle size of 2.5µ so it has the optimal size to get picked up by SPS polyps. Coral Snow should be dosed on a daily basis (1 ml / 100 liters / 25 gallons). To make it easier for corals to pick up such "elements" it can be mixed together with any product in a small container for about 5 minutes. It absorbs the "elements" effectively and can be added slowly in a higher water flow area directly in the tank. As the corals pick up the particles directly the "elements" can be directly absorbed by the coral polyps, which makes them more easily available. Maximum dosage is 4 ml / 100 liters / 25 gallons. It also neutralizes undesirable acids and is helpful with many other problems like cyano or slime algae. In this special kind of problems, it is recommended to mix Coral Snow with 1 drop ZeoBac / 100 liters / 25 gallons dosing this mixture every other day until the problem has gone