Korallen Zucht Korallen Zucht Potassium Iodide Fluoride

  • Addition leads to improved blue colors in SPS
  • Well suited for all kind of corals
  • Recommended in any tank system
  • Contains inorganic iodide as well as bromine, potassium and fluorine
The addition of this supplement leads to improved blue colors in SPS. In contrast to PVP iodide or Lugols Iodide solution, there is no tissue darkening as long as the amount is appropriate. As a starting dose we recommend to dose 1 drop per 25 gallons, however the dosing amount and interval should be adjusted to your tank. A very good indicator for dosing is yellow coral. If your yellow corals display a green shimmer, it is an indicator of over dosage of this product (or iron concentrate). When this happen, we recommend that dosing be ceased until coral colors become intense yellow again. With blue acropora, dosing should be done when colors become less intense. In most cases, dosing twice weekly at a rate of 1 drop per 100 liters should be sufficient. This supplement can also be used in tanks not using the ZEOvit method.