Korallen Zucht Korallen Zucht Stylo Pocci Glow

  • Regulates the density of zooxanthellae in Poccilopora, Stylophora and Seriatopora
  • Supports a natural and strong color formation
  • Recommended in any tank system
This product “regulates” the density of zooxanthellae in pocillopora, stylophora and seriatopora. The reduction of zooxanthellae allows for better visibility of lower lying tissue colors. A general lightening of the above-mentioned species is possible with this product. It takes about 14 days to reach the highest level of coloration when using this product. We recommend dosing be stopped at that point until colors become darker again. We recommend addition at a rate of 2 drops per 25 gallons every time these coral species become darker again. Start dosing again and repeat the above steps. This supplement can also be used in tanks not using the ZEOvit method.