Korallen Zucht Korrallen Zuct ZEOlife

ZEOlife will help start and speed up metabolic processes within the aquarium.

Benefits include:

  • Biologically removes water yellowing compounds and tank cloudiness
  • Reduces nitrate and phosphate when used regularly
  • Speeds up the initial stages of the ZEOvit system and boosts effectiveness of the ZEOvit system.


ZEOlife can be used with or without the ZEOvit system. When used alone it will help naturally remove yellowing compounds from the aquarium as well as keep the water crystal clear. Used as part of the Zeovit system it will help speed up the initial stages of and promote better performance on an ongoing basis.

Dosing: Turn off your protein skimmer for an hour after dosing. Ideal dosing times are after water changes or when you notice related issues with the tank.

1 L per 1250 US gallons.