Maxspect Maxspect Gyre XF330CE Pump Only

The Maxspect Gyre 300CE series is the most advanced Gyre product currently available featuring a cage system which allows you to do things never previously possible with a Gyre pump. With the four fitted flow deflectors onto the new cage which is effectively a split cage, they can be rotated independently of each other on the Gyre’s axis, but then each is fitted with two angle-adjustable nozzles inside to allow for left to right flow adjustment. That’s eight nozzles that can operate in four different directions horizontally, as well as four different directions vertically. This allows you to focus or widen flow as well as target specific areas with greater ease

Maxspect Gyre 330CE single pump package contains 1 x 330CE pump, 1 x psu plus spare parts

Power Consumption - 5-35w
Flow Rate - 9000L/H
Suitable for Aquarium - 100-500L
PSU - 100-240v
Dimensions - L265 x W65 x H34mm
Cable: Pump to Controller 3m
Cable PSU to Controller 1.5m
Glass Thickness Standard 15mm
Glass Thickness Reinforcement 20mm