Maxspect Maxspect Jump Protein Skimmer (MJSK-800)

The Maxspect Jump Protein Skimmer has a small footprint for its power ideal for tanks between 900 and 2700 litres depending on the bio load, with a patented dual needle wheel design to produce a finer foam.


  • Integrated, Efficient, and Streamline
  • Patented Dual Needle Wheel Design
  • DC Powered Skimmer with Smart Control (Features loaded: Feeding mode, overflow protection, start delay, and more)
  • Innovative designs - not your typical skimmer
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Integrated Silencer
  • Special Bubble Trap to prevent unwanted micro bubbles.


Technical Specification
Wattage : w50
High Bioload: l 900L
Low Bioload: l 2700L
Water Level: 19 - 24cm
Unit Size: 270 x 250 x 600mm
Waterflow: 1800lph
Airflow: 800lph