Maxspect Maxspect Nano Tech Bio Spheres

The Maxpect Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere is potentially up to 300% more efficient than other media currently available on the market.

The product is available in two pack sizes; a 1kg pack (containing 44 spheres) capable of treating up to 2850 litres of water and a 2kg pack (containing 88 spheres) which can treat up to 5400 litres. A mesh bag is provided in the box to make the media easy to access and maintain. The spheres are easy to clean so can be used time and time again.

With just 10 spheres capable of replacing up to 10kgs of live rock you'll never again have to worry about bulky filtration media clogging up space in your tank or sump!

This media has been ICP tested after several months of use and was found to be totally inert of toxic compounds.


Suitable for freshwater, pond and marine use.