Neptune Systems Neptune Apex COR 15 Intelligent Return Pump

Apex COR 15 Intelligent Return Pump

The Apex COR 15 is a high-performance return pump with a controller which operates professionally and reliably.  When correctly installed, the Intelligent Pump can provide up to 1500 GPH or 5700 per hour - enough for aquariums up to 120 gallons! Ultra-Ultra energy efficient with less than 50w running at 100%

A brushless, DC-driven pump which is one of the quietest pumps on the market.  With full range of flow options and features IQ-Level for customized minimum and maximum flow rates.

Should the COR become obstructed in any way, the COR 15 has a special Obstruction Detection feature which alerts the user with a flashing LED!  If the COR is connected to the Apex and the internet, you then receive an alert to your mobile device.

Ultra-versatile with fittings included for both being plumbed externally or submerged inside a sump.  Complete with 1.25" BSPP-> 1.25" Slip PVC Unions to ensure you get optimum flow from the COR-15. 

The COR 15 from Apex connects to any Apex system that has a 1 LINK port available.  This can be on an energy Bar or on a separate 1 Link Module.  The COR Pumps are compatible with all Apex Systems including Apex, Apex Classic, Apex Lite, and Apex Jr.  Simply connect via any available AquaBus Port.

Easy installation - just connect the plumbing, plug the COR pump into the driver (included) and then into any 1 LINK Port.  In just a few button presses, you are up and running with a high-performance Apex pump.  A simple set up guide will help through the entire set up procedure.

For larger systems, you can use two COR 15 for redundancy and disaster prevention

Pack Includes-

-          COR Driver

-          COR PUMP

-          3 Metre 4-pin 1 link male-to-male cable

-          100w Power Supply and Power Cord

-          1-1/4’’ PVC Union (COR Pump Output)

-          1-1/4’’ Threaded x 3/4’’ Slip Fitting (Optional Hard Pluming Output)

-          1-1/2’’ Threaded x 1’’ Slip Fitting (Optional Hard Plumbed External Piping)

-          O-rings for each fitting

-          5mm hex wrench

At a Glance:

Maximum flow rate of up to 5,700 litres/hour

Whisper-drive technology.  Almost noise and vibration free.


Obstruction Detection Feature

Dimensions 3.875" Wide x 4.875" High x 6.250" Deep

Driver Dimensions 3" Wide x 4" High x 1" Deep.