Nyos Nyos Pure Iodine

NYOS® PURE IODINE is available immediately and contains concentrated, elemental iodine for maximum iodine supply in coral tanks with many stone corals, molluscs, xenia, or cespitularia.
5ml per 100l per week. Start with around 50% of the recommended dosage.

Trace elements have an important function as essential building blocks of life. Natural sea water contains approx. 70 different trace elements. If the salt water aquarium is not sufficiently supplied with trace elements it results in e.g. degenerative growth, pale colours, or a loss of tissue in corals.

However, it is not sufficient to change part of the water regularly to rectify such trace mineral deficiencies. For this reason, we developed the NYOS® ACTIVE line of trace elements.

You will receive professional products which are advanced over a long time and which provide essential trace elements for your corals and invertebrates.

Intensive boost to your coral´s colour and growth
Very easily available
Developed in long term studies, tested by renowned coral breeders
Contains the purest raw materials, low in phosphate, nitrate, and sulphate
Prevents deficiency symptoms in a targeted manner
Free of harmful chelators

Technical Details
Dosage: 1 drop per 100l per week