Red Sea Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC+

Red Sea’s Reef Foundation program is designed to provide optimum conditions for a thriving coral reef starting with the fundamental building block elements or foundation elements needed for healthy coral growth and development.

Foundation ABC+ Skeletal Elements is a complex blend of all foundation elements in one balanced blend based on the mean ratio of these elements and dosing according to the uptake of calcium. This blend contains a balanced ratio of Calcium, Strontium, Magnesium, Carbonates and an addition of Potassium, Bromine, and Iodine.

As a rule 1g of Red Sea’s ABC Skeletal Elements powder supplement will raise the level of Ca by 1.5ppm in 100 litres of water, however, it will also raise in the correct ratio all elements mention above. It’s advised to test your water first with Red Sea’s Reef Foundation test kit to find you’re stating dose and then work from the table Red Sea provided with all the Foundation Element Supplements.