Red Sea Red Sea Reefer Peninsula G2+ S-700 Aquarium - White

The REEFER Peninsula G2+ supersized models are reinforced, reef-ready aquarium systems that are perfect for living rooms, lobbies or other big spaces. These room-divider tanks allow hobbyist to marvel at the beauty of their corals from two long views, and come with a 3-year + 2 warranty and the 3-in-1 ReefATO+ system as standard.

In keeping with the REEFER tradition, Peninsula G2+ systems enable hobbyists to customize their tanks with their preferred lighting, pumps, dosers and filtration equipment.


- Dual return outlets and hydrodynamically superior piping for optimal water distribution.

- Cabinet doors that can be installed either on the left or right side, for optimal sump access.

- ReefMat-ready sump with a removable media compartment and a universal connector on the downpipe, for Plug and Play ReefMat installation.

- Ultra-clear, beveled-edge glass with increased thickness of up to 19 mm or 0.75”, with silicone protection strips on the bottom and side joins.

- New high precision valve and enlarged inlet section for easy flow regulation and quitter operation.

- Extra connectors for both metric and USA standard piping.

- Extra-fortified marine-spec plywood cabinets (removable exterior for the S-700 and S-950)

- The 3-in-1 ReefATO+ included (reliable and smart ATO + temperature monitor + leak detector).

- Standard FREE 3-year warranty

- 5-year extended warranty at great prices for extra peace of mind.


Display tank length - 151 cm
Display tank height - 68 cm
Display tank width - 65 cm
Total system height - 165 cm
Total system water vol. - 705 L
Display tank water vol. - 568 L
In-cabinet sump water vol. - 136.7 L
Ultra-clear front glass - 19 mm
Ultra-clear side glass - 19 mm
Bottom glass - 19 mm