Red Sea Red Sea REEFER Skimmer 900 DC Pump Upgrade Kit (Excl. controller)

Efficient. Quiet. Smart.
This Kit Upgrades your REEFER Skimmer from the standard AC (non-controllable) pump to the new DC fully controllable pump. The kit also includes the new level sensor and collection cup lid.

The REEFER Skimmer DC Pump Upgrade Kit include self-leveling technology that prevents over-skimming and full cups from spilling while continuing to aerate the water.


The Self-leveling feature is activated whenever the wetness of the foam in the neck exceeds the user-adjusted “over-skim” threshold. The intensity of the pump is immediately reduced to prevent the over-skim and then gradually increased or decreased, a bit at a time, according to the foam wetness, until the preset pump intensity is reached and stable skimming is restored.

REEFER Skimmer DC Upgrade features:

Patent-pending Self-leveling technology to prevent over-skimming and to prevent the cup from spilling over once it’s full while continuing to aerate the water
A customised daily schedule of active and inactive skimming periods
Quiet operation
Energy-efficient with lower running costs
Upgrade Kit Includes:

DC Pump
Skim Sensor
Controller Cable
REEFER Skimmer Lid (For Skim Sensor)
Instruction Manual
The new REEFER DC Skimmer Upgrade Kit is run via the ReefRun Dual Controller (sold separately) as it can operate the ReefRun DC Pump at the same time.

Please Note: The new REEFER DC Upgrade Kit cannot be used without the controller.

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