Reef Factory Reef Factory Base Pump 13000

High-performance return pump with Smart features. Full control with a brand new control panel in the free Smart Reef app which makes the device configuration super quick and easy. Quiet performance, modern, minimalist design, characteristic of Reef Factory equipment.

The pump comes with a display showing the power and operating speed.

Smart functionalities:

- free, user-friendly Smart Reef app for Android, iOS or PC (browser access)
- remote control in a dedicated panel of the Smart Reef
- adjustable flow rate
- remote on and off
- push notifications on a mobile device
- feeding time can be programmed
- separate display showing power and flow rate
- remote switching on and off of the display and additional backlight

Additional features:

- rubber feet for easy installation of the pump in your tank
- DIN rail on the back of the display, for quick hanging
- high-performance, reliable power supply unit

Flow rate 13000 L/h, recommended for aquariums up to 1300 litres, maximum lifting of the water column up to 6.5m, power consumption 95W, dimensions 19 x 13 x 16mm

Hose Connections Included - 32mm, 38mm and 50mm
Pipe Connections Included - 40mm and 50mm