Reef Factory Reef Factory KH Keeper

KH Keeper – The new state-of-the-art innovation from Reef Factory  (unit only, requires Reagent to function, supplied separately)
• KH meter with smart technology set to transform the automated control of Alkalinity in the Marine Aquarium Industry.
• Minimalist design and compact dimension.
• KH Keeper measures samples of water direct from the aquarium to test Alkalinity.
• Measurements can be programmed to be taken up to 24 times per day.
• High quality components and precise control algorithms provide accuracy readings of +/- 0.01 dKh.
• If KH drops or rises too quickly between measurements, levels determined by the user, the device will repeat the test. If the result is confirmed, the device will send a notification to the user.
• Tested water can be returned to the aquarium or go to waste depending on the user’s preference.
• The unique visual LED indicator displays a different colour to signify the KH status in the aquarium at-a-glance. Blue: testing, Green: safe range, Red: out of safe range.
• No central Computer required for advanced control.
• Simple to set up and use. User friendly management and configuration.
• WiFi connection and Smart reef system management. Alerts through text and email when KH level is out of the chosen range and when KH levels change too fast, either increased or decreased.
• In conjunction with the dosing pump or dosing pump pro (sold separately) KH Keeper will make corrections using the connected dosing pump. This function will allow precise control of the KH parameter to the desired level programmed.
• Displays on dashboard in Smart Reef along with all your other Reef Factory devices.
• Measurements are taken using a Reef Factory Reagent.
• Reagent mix ratio: 1.0L reagent / 9.0L RO water.
• Reagent test sample: 5-15ml depending on KH level (circa. 7ml for 8.0 dKh)
• 1.0L Reagent bottles can perform over 1,400 tests.
• Smart Reef will notify when Reagent level is low.
• 2-year consumer warranty.