Reef Factory Reef Factory Smart Roller M Replacement Fleece 40m x 20cm

Easy to install and very efficient replacement mat, made of specially designed high quality material, designed for the Smart roller S device from Reef Factory. The certified non-woven fabric removes larger particles of impurities from the water, while preserving the trace elements necessary in marine aquaristics: NO3 and PO4. Works perfectly with protein skimmers. Thanks to its properties, you will maintain appropriate parameters in the aquarium and keep the water crystal clear. The roll is 40 m (131ft 3 in) long with the largest possible width, which ensures its high efficiency and long period of continuous operation in the Smart roller.

Key features:
• easy roll replacement - no need to remove the device from the sump and turn off the pumps
• high performance - up to 1.5 month of continuous operation
• certified non-woven fabric tailored to the needs of aquarists
• aesthetic and convenient solution
width: 20 cm (4 in)
diameter: 14
length: 40 m (131 ft 3 inch)