ReeFlowers Reeflowers Magnesium Blend

ReeFlowers Magnesium Blend is a high-density ionic magnesium solution. It is necessary for structure formation of corals, oysters and similar inhabitants. ReeFlowers Magnesium Blend contains minimum 100.000 ppm of magnesium in 1 liter.

every aquarium has a different magnesium consumption level. Before using the product, determine the magnesium concentration of aquarium by means of an appropriate test kit. 

Afterwards, add maximum 20 ml solution for every 100 lt of aquarium water daily until reaching the optimum level. 1 ml of solution provides 1 ppm increase in 100 liters of water. After having the desired level, optimum consumption level is determined by means of periodical tests and solution is added daily or weekly. If the daily consumption level is above 5 ppm, it is recommended to add the solution all day long by means of dosage pump.