Seachem Seachem Reef Dip

Seachem Reef Dip contains elemental iodine complexed to a protective slime coat, which means it is safe and gentle at disinfecting corals. This will be effective against bacteria, and fungus, as well as protozoans. It may be used prophylactically (without evidence of disease), or to remedy a specific diseased specimens. It is safe to use with both stony and soft corals, and also safe for anemones and polyps.

Use only in a dip container and not in the aquarium. Remove 4 L (1 gallon) of water from the source aquarium to a container suitable for dipping. Add 5 mL (1 capful) of Reef Dip™ and mix. Place coral specimen in dip for 5-10 minutes, depending on severity of problem. In very severe cases, a double dose may be used. With clear and accessible lesions, dip concentrate may be painted on lesions directly before placing in dip. Observe animals during treatment for evidence of adverse reactions such as excessive sliming. Prepared dip solution may be used for up to a day, but should then be discarded.