Seachem Seachem Reef Plus

Seachem Reef Plus is an 'all in one' formulation that contains everything you need to support corals and other reef organisms.

Reef Plus is formulated to provide the nutrients present in natural tropical reef waters and contains vitamin B12, vitamin C, thiamine, inositol, choline, iodide, and other essential ingredients. These vital elements will promote healthy processes as well as pigment development.

Reef Plus is nitrate/phosphate free, so you can be confident that it will not cause any water problems.

It is so concentrated that it can be effectively used as a food soak for frozen fish foods.


  • Use one capful (5ml) for each 80 litres / 17.6 gallons, twice a week, or as required to maintain coral growth
  • May also be used in food by mixing 1ml in about 15ml (one tablespoon) of food
  • Refrigerate after opening