Sicce Sicce Voyager Nano 1000 Water Circulation Pump

The Voyager Nano 1000 circulates the water in your aquarium to not only aerate the water but to also mimic the natural water movements that your aquarium inhabitants would naturally experience in the wild.

The Voyager Nano 1000 has a maximum flow rate of 1000lph and has 360 degree rotation allowing for the circulation to be directed anywhere around the tank. It can be used to direct the water flow in fresh water tanks towards the bottom of the tank to lift debris up so the filtration system can suck any waste keeping the water crystal clear.

Held with a extra strong and durable magnet system that will hold through glass up to 12mm thick. It has also been designed with noise in mind and has been manufactured to ensure low vibration operation and near silence.

All this in a stream pump that is only 6cm long and operates at 2.8W.

Cable Length is 1.5m.