EcoReef Centrepiece 01 was designed to fit a nano reef tank but can also be used as a show-stopper piece for larger tanks, offering plenty of shelves and interesting shapes to facilitate the addition of corals and/or more pieces of rock. Centrepiece 01 is ideal for coral frags because it’s shaped with reef life in mind: offering columns, terraces, and fissures, all packed into one unique EcoReef rock.

EcoReef Centrepiece 01 is part of the EcoReef sustainable rock series. With dozens of unique rock pieces to choose from, building your dream reef scape will be easy ... the only limit is your imagination!

• Hand made by reef communities for TMC

• Made with Reef Safe materials

• Highly porous for superior bacterial loading

• Perfect for marine and reef aquariums

• An amazing looking alternative to real live reef rock 

1 piece

Overall dimensions: 25 x 20 x 31 cm

Please note: Each piece is unique so some variation in size and colour can occur