TMC TMC V2 Bio React 500 - Pellet Reactor

The TMC Reef BioReact has a unique patented design with a specially designed flow inductor to help maximises the media-to-water contact time within the reactor and ensures efficient fluidisation of media even when using lower flow rate pumps. The design of the flow inverter ensures that the media is kept in suspension and the specially designed media diffuser bowl keeping optimum fluidisation of media and upward dispersal of water.

Its also very versatile and compact in design, it can be installed internally in a sump, aquarium and externally as a stand alone or 'hang-on' reactor if needed. This reactor can be used with both freshwater and marine aquariums. Just connect to a pump or power filter (not supplied) for an advanced set up.

The 500 model uses 500ml of nitrate/phosphate removing pellets (flow rates through the reactor may need to be adjusted depending on media used) but can be used with many types of media.

Supplied complete with a range of fittings for quick and simple installation (additional fittings may be required depending on individual installation).