TMC TMC V2 iLumenAir 1200 Connect LED 215W

The TMC V2 iLumenAir 1200 Connect is part of the excellent TMC V2 iLumenAir range.

Using LED lighting this versatile, powerful lighting unit is incredibly efficient and long lasting. Sleek and stylish in design, this lighting unit adds an elegant yet contemporary look to any aquarium.

The unit uses a powerful three channel system. 1200K (kelvin) white, 465nm blue and a mixed colour channel with 620-630nm red, 530nm green and 605nm amber LEDs. The high colour temperature shows fish, plants and corals in a beautiful pure light, whilst the coloured LEDs enhance the beauty of exotic fish and plants.

Control of the lighting unit is easy. Use the remote control to set the sunrise to moonlight lighting programmes. It even has storm and cloudy modes, which not only look good, they encourage natural behaviours such as breeding.

It can be mounted in various ways. Either suspended with the kit included or mounted upon the tank itself. The LED lighting emits little heat, so there is virtually no heat transference upon the water.

The iLumenAir 1200 has a built in thermal cut out system, which means that the unit can never over heat. It even has built in 'whisper fans' which only operate when needed, keeping the temperature under control.

Key Features:

  • ALL New and improved LED board including NUV LEDs mixed in, like the V2 iLumenAir compacts!
  • Fully WiFi Control! Use the V2 iLumenAir APP (NOTE: LIGHT MUST BE CONTROLLED BY A MOBILE DEVICE - no other way of setting it up!)
  • Thermal cut out to avoid overheating
  • 3 Channels of 12,000k White, 465nm Blue/410nm NUV and 640nm Red like V2 iLumenAir Compact range.
  • Can be mounted on tank or suspended (suspension kit included)
  • Increased Spread thanks to the new 4 multi-diode chips215 watts
  • Same whopping 215w of LED
  • Suspension kit included
  • Tank mounting legs included