Triton Triton Core 7 Reef Elements 4L Bulk Edition

Each set will make 4L of each solution, whilst still being packed in the standard 4 x 1 litre tetra packs.


A complete suite of dosing solutions designed to supplement and maintain near natural sea water parameters for reef aquaria using other reefkeeping methods
(non-TRITON Method). Using CORE7 Reef Supplements aquarists can now have the benefits of TRITON’s advanced supplement formulation and ease-of-use without
having to follow the TRITON Method itself. CORE7 is revolutionary because they are the most concentrated solutions ever developed, no other supplementation
method in the world comes close in terms of value and stability. They do not need to be diluted, they can be used direct from the bottle saving space
and eliminating the hassle / mess of preparation. CORE7
solutions have been re-formulated to be even more stable and include a raised pH to promote coral growth.
Years of scientific research combined with observations drawn from tens of thousands of ICP aquarium seawater tests lead to the development of these unique
elemental supplements. Used correctly they deliver the natural balance
of macro and trace elements essential to a successful reef aquarium while preventing ionic imbalance.