Triton Triton Trace Base Nickel

Nickel trace element seawater supplement. Beneficial for SPS/LPS coral colour and health. Caution: to be used by advanced aquarists only.

When used in conjunction with TRITON Lab ICP testing aquarists are now able to make targeted single element adjustments. Only TRITON delivers advanced aquarium husbandry with ease-of-use. For dosage information please check the DOSE tab of your ICP analysis.

The TRITON macro and trace element supplements range is supported by over a decade of scientific research into the chemistry of natural and closed system seawater. With ten's of thousands of seawater analyses modelled for elemental behaviour and interaction nobody understands seawater like TRITON.

Nickel is an extremely dangerous element if dosed incorrectly into the aquarium. Only to be used by Advanced users.

Extreme caution should be exercised when dosing Nickel. The supplements should be dosed as per recommendations from your ICP-OES test results. The test results will also guide you to the maximum safe dose per day for your system. If Nickel exceeds the set point in ICP-OES analysis stop dosing immediately.