Tropic Marin Tropic Marin Elimi-Phos Longlife

Special granules with long lasting adsorption capacity for a sustainable removal of phosphates in aquaria

ELIMI-PHOS Longlife granules keeps its phosphate removing properties over an especially long period. This consists of pure, dry iron-hydroxide granules, developed specifically for drinking water preparation. Optimal grain size of the special granules ensures easy, clean handling without bleeding in the aquarium. Phosphates become so strongly bonded to the ELIMI-PHOS Longlife granules that it will never be released, even after the full absorption capacity of the granules is reached. In addition to the effective removal of phosphates, ELIMI-PHOS Longlife takes the place of activated charcoal and will improve the general water quality in the aquarium. After a short time growth conditions for inteverbrates are improved significantly and undesirable algae growth is restricted.


  • Special granules for the highly-efficient removal of phosphates in the aquarium
  • Pure, dry iron-hydroxide granules
  • Highest adsorption capacity with particularly long-lasting effect
  • Clean and easy handling without bleeding in the aquarium
  • No deposits of phosphate compounds in the aquarium
  • Clean handling as granules in practical quick & clean drawstring filter bag